Thursday, June 25, 2015

Like Thursday Like Monday

The saying of the day, here in Athens, was "Thursday like Monday". As we started our fourth day of work after finishing a long day of fun zip lining yesterday, gaining the motivation to wake up early and work hard for the community was obviously difficult for a group of teenagers. However, looking back to the beginning of the week we could easily envision the motivation we held on that early Monday morning. So as we woke up at ate a delicious breakfast casserole our fearless leaders constantly reminded us "Thursday like Monday". The saying was especially important as The clouds finally broke loose this morning and all of our groups were stuck in a constant rain.

Our first work group was made up of Jack Dager, Maddie, Noah and Denise. For the morning shift they traveled to a women's house to do some lawn mowing. The four of them worked with two mowers and two weed whackers to tame an extremely unkempt lawn. The women was kind and opened up a little to the group about her family and her appreciation for the worked they planned.

The second work group of the day was made up of Teddy, Dan, Harrison, Nick, Meredith and Gayle. The six of them traveled to a trailer that is in need of supports, and a deck with a handicap ramp. The job included getting under the trailer to clear away trash as well as placing concrete support to prevent the entire structure. The group also started some foundation for the ramp and deck.

The third outdoor work group was made solely of Nathan who stayed on the Hannah house property to spilt some wood, to heat the house through the winter.

These three outdoor groups combined after lunch to work indoors. They traveled down the road to volunteer at a local thrift shop that is very special to the community. The thrift shop every month, picks a new non- profit to donate their proceeds to. Good Works is high up on their list so we paid them back by helping to organize different sections of their store.

The fourth group was made up of Doug, Jack White, Stefanie and Alex. Thee four of them stayed inside all day at the local Good Works shelter, the Timothy House, and painted some shelves as well as some other handy man projects.

Once again Carolyn and Mark worked at the Kids Discovery club.

This afternoon the group enjoyed many games of Basketball, Volleyball and our new Favorite: Taco Tag!!

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