Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Monday, June 22

(Note: Please excuse the delay in posts. The group has very poor wifi, so they are sending out pictures and text via mobile technology to be posted by the "back home team." We will add new posts as soon as possible.)

Recap by Mark Dager

Today, the PPC team split into 5 groups, as we dispersed throughout the Athens area to help out the community.

The first group (Nathan, Maddie, and Denise) traveled to a man named John's house to chop wood. John is severely disabled man as a result of a motorcycle accident (he was unconscious for 54 days and died 4 times). The group chainsawed and split wood from a white oak, and John plans to use this to heat his home in the winter.

The second group (Jack W., Stefanie, and Ed) traveled to a trailer to visit Mary, a 68 year old woman suffering from breast and brain cancer. Mary has family nearby, but sadly, few visitors. The group replaced Mary's plumbing and succeeded in providing her with hot water.

The third group (Meredith, Harrison, and Gayle) went around to two houses and moved lawns for individuals who couldn't physically or fiancially affort to now their own lawns. One individual was unemployed and unable to affort to now their lawn, and the other was disabled, so the group helped him out as well.

The fourth group (Nick, Doug, Alex, Teddy, Jack D., and Eric) stayed at the site where we are living and cleared drainage trenches in order to prevent flooding. The yard where the flooding can occur is significant, as the Friday night community meal (Friday Night Life) which Good Works hosts takes place on the yard. This meal feeds 150+ poeple each week and is essential to their sense of community and belonging.

The final group (Mark, Carolyn, Sean, and Nelia) traveled to a children's camp that works as a day care for disadvantaged parents. They worked and played with the children, spread faith, and taught them to work together. The children connected with us, and the camp really provided them with a  sense of belonging that they don't always get at home.

Four fathers on Father's Day

A surprise dessert for Father's Day

Small group devotions
Some Monday afternoon basketball following the day of work
Relaxing in the kitchen

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