Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuesday, June 23

Recap and reflection by Harrison Smith

The difference between our lives in Maryland and the lives of the people of Athens has amazed us. 

Most of the work we are doing is maintain the houses and properties of people who can't do it themselves and can't afford to have someone else help. We continued to mow lawns today for people that can't get it done without help from Good Works. We also cleared mildew off of a house and painted it. We repaired the water heater of a lady fighting cancer who hadn't had hot water for awhile. 

Manicured lawns, clean houses, and hot water are standard in Potomac, but the reality here is Athens is that many people don't have these things that we consider basic. In Athens, there are people that work for months to earn enough for cars that many Potomac residents would consider more trouble than use. College students at The Ohio University throw away things that Athens residents then search the trash for. We were told to leave the broken water heater on the street corner, because it would only take a few hours for someone to find a use for it and take it.

The residents of Athens are extremely generous and clearly close to God, yet we are so much more fortunate. It is impossible to fully know what life is like here, but we are doing our best to understand.

Mark and Harrison cooking grits for breakfast

Alex mowing

Alex, Meredith, and Jack D. pause from mowing in the shade

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